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Lakhan Singh Jat

I am Lakhan Singh Jat, a visual artist born in 1986 and nurtured in the rustic embrace of Kusany, a quaint village nestled within the vibrant landscapes of Rajasthan. Following the completion of my Master of Fine Arts in 2009 from the esteemed Rajasthan School of Art in Jaipur, my journey as a freelance artist commenced, characterized by the vibrant strokes of acrylic colors on my canvas.

Rooted in the essence of my agrarian upbringing, my canvases echo the enchanting allure of Indian villages, weaving together a tapestry of vibrant hues, raw textures, and tranquil ambiance, all brought to life through the versatile medium of acrylic colors.

Within the realms of my artistic expression, I embark on a profound odyssey that traverses the intricacies of childhood recollections and my relentless pursuit of the human spirit, intricately woven into the heart of the Indian rural panorama. Each brushstroke, each layer of acrylic pigment, reverberates an ode to those defining moments that mold our essence and tether us to our origins.